The Vives Network is a non-profit institution that represents and coordinates the joint action in higher education, research and culture of 22 universities from 4 different European countries. Since 1994 it offers a platform leader in services for universities, public and private organizations and the society. Its main objective is contributing to the construction process of this cross-border interuniversity region in the Mediterranean Europe and its social and economic development.

22 universities from 4 countries in the European Mediterranean Arch: Andorra, France, Italy and Spain.

The only platform formed by private and public administration in this cross-border territory.

Extensive range of innovative and shared quality services that surpasses the philosophy of institutional representation that other organizations develop.

A bridge for international visibility..

• University community composed by 500.000 students, 40,000 professors and researchers and 10,000 administration and services staff.

12 leading science and technological parks throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

• An active working group of 300 members in the government teams of the universities belonging to the Vives Network hundreds of professors and experts who take an active part in the development of programmes and services of common interest.

Networking provides benefits to the university community and to society with all guarantees for qualified experience and commitment towards excellence.


To be the leading network for joint action and the platform for development of shared strategies by universities in the area comprising societies with Catalan culture and language, spread throughout the Pyrenees and Mediterranean region.


The Vives University Network promotes the cohesion of the university community and strengthens the reach and impact of universities on society. The Vives University Network performs its mission:

  • Through a coordinated, shared working system, based on equity between its members, quality and service.
  • By formulating joint proposals by universities and facilitating their inclusion in the social and political agenda of each administrative context.
  • By contributing to further strengthening higher education and research.

Strengthening the role of higher education
institutions as a driver of innovation
and improving competitiveness

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Actualitat universitats

  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra

    Universitat Pompeu Fabra

    Un equip d'investigació de la UPF participa en el descobriment de nous coneixements sobre l'arquitectura cel·lular