Quality of the actions of the Vives Network has been recognized by society. This acknowledgment has been demonstrated over time with a series of awards to the joint action of universities across the Catalan-speaking territories.

· Granting of la Creu Sant Jordi 2004 by the Generalitat de Catalunya (14.12.2004).

· The Morella Tourist Board unanimously approved to award the 2002 price to the Vives University Network, for its work in promoting the city of Morella culturally and touristically through the choice of this city to be the host for courses and meetings (28.11 .2002).

· Granting a Diploma of Gratitude by the Faculty of Agriculture of  Universiteti i Prishtinës by the “precious help” from Vives University Network, in recognition of his contribution and collaboration. (01.04.2002).

· The Editorial Tres i Quatre awarded our Institution with El Temps award. This award was collected by the President of theVives Network during the Premis Octubre dinner in Valencia on 31 October 1998.

· Award given to the Vives Network by Gaceta Universitaria, to celebrate its 200th edition for its initiative to create a common university space that allows the coordination of joint teaching, research, cultural activities and promoting the Catalan language (03.02.97).

· Unanimous agreement of the Ajuntament de Castelló, proposed by Grup Municipal Unitat del Poble Valencià-Grau Unit, to highlight the satisfaction of  Corporació municipal for the election of Castellón as the host for the Vives Network, through an official reception in the Sala de plens (11.07.96).

· Grant, by Obra Cultural Balear, of Gabriel Alomar award ’95 to the Vives University Network for its willingness to strengthen relations between the universities of Catalonia, Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands (15.12. 95).

· Award Comte Jaume d’Urgell given by Consell Comarcal de La Noguera at the initiative of the University of the Balearic Islands, Girona, Lleida, Perpignan and Rovira i Virgili to establish a framework for joint cooperation, initiative that became the true embryo of the Vives University Network.

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