International student who will start an academic stay next September/October at any of the three universities which participate in this program:

· University of Barcelona
· University of the Balearic Islands
· University of Valencia

International students at other universities may find information about other Catalan courses here.

Application form should be filled electronically by the student here. Students must select the course organised by their host university. Once host university has validated that applicants will start a study period at their universities, results of the selection process shall be published and selected students will receive further practical details (timetable, accommodation, etc.)

Students will not be charged a tuition fee for participation in an International intensive Catalan course neither for the accommodation during the course.

Please note that due to the number of students allowed per class (between 10 and 20), the universities organising the courses are not able to accept all applications. Applications are selected according to several criteria: applications received in due form, priority given to longest mobility periods, balanced participation regarding geographical spread, subject areas and personal motivation.

The period for receiving applications ends on 6th June 2016.

The results of the selection process will be announced on the 17th June.