In the historic part of the city, several monuments can be visited:

· The former Jesuit university (1549-1767). Since 1806 it’s been a school and a convent belonging to the Escolapis order. It was renovated in 1999.

· The Palau Ducal was the palace of the 4th Duke of Gandia, Sant Francesc de Borja. This palace combines different architectures (Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque).

· The Collegiate Church was built on the site of an Arab Mosque by Alfons the Elder in the 14th century. In 1499 it was declared a Collegiate Temple by Pope Alexander VI (its structure is Gothic).

· Rural areas of Gandia: the highest mountain in this area is called Montdúver. Its most important cave is Cova del Parpalló, where prehistoric artefacts were found. Today, the remains of the artefacts made by the first inhabitants of this area can be seen at the Archeological Museum of Gandia (MAGA).
Visit to Gandia-Xeresa marsh. An extraordinary natural park close to the beach.

The UPV Gandia Campus offers many different sport activities. There are sports grounds (for basketball, football, etc.) and also zones for cycling, skating, running, gym, etc. On the beach and the harbour, windsurfing, kitesurfing, rowing and sailing activities are offered.

Gandia offers many different activities for leisure time. You can enjoy your stay by visiting the city’s cinemas, theatres, bars, restaurants, and shopping areas, or by doing sports, etc.

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    Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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