The University of Barcelona is one of the 21 universities in Vives Network.

Together with the Catalan government (Generalitat de Catalunya), the University of Barcelona is one Catalonia’s oldest institutions today. In its 560 years of service, the university has been witness to some of the most decisive events in the history of the country and has itself seen many changes. Of all of these, certain moments have been particularly important.

The building in Plaça de la Universitat that we know today as the Historic Building was originally designed by architect Elias Rogent and, until the 1950s, this building housed all the different faculties of the UB.

In 1975, Spain saw the death of General Franco and in 1977 a new era of change began for the university, involving the standardization of its language policies, the modernization of its installations and the institution of a democratic system of governance, a process which finally culminated in 1985 with the restoration of the university’s statutes, which had been denied to them since 1939.

Today, the University of Barcelona has over 90,000 students to whom it delivers 49 European Higher Education Area bachelor’s degree courses, 130 university master’s degree courses, and 425 UB-specific master’s degree courses and postgraduate diploma courses. It has six different campuses and is recognized internationally as a benchmark institution that adapts to the demands of the community, to the integration of modern technology in study and professional life, and to the new challenges of the twenty-first century.

The Historic Building in Plaça de la Universitat has a canteen service offering beverages, light snacks and meals at reasonable prices (UB students 5/6 €).


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