Sagunt – Sagunt is a city located 30 Km north of València. Sagunt Castle is located up the mountain. It covers almost 1 Km. It still has the remains of the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians who inhabited it. Roman Theatre is next to the castle. It dates from the 1st century. El Call (the former Jewish quarter) is a traditional district with traces of the old times, ideal for wandering.

Albufera — A fresh water lake. Rice is cultivated in the surrounding area. The Albufera also hosts many interesting varieties of migratory birds. The local village in the area, El Palmar, is also a good place to try some paella or other local dishes.

El Saler — These beaches are on “protected” land and are the cleanest, most secluded beaches within easy reach of the city. Accessible by bus, but that requires a good level of organization. A round-trip taxi ride should cost between €10-20, depending on how far along the beach you go.

Manises, 15 km south west of Valencia. It is not only the site of Valencia’s airport, but also an important center for pottery. Some 100 ceramics factories are located in the municipality, where the art has been practiced for at least 700 years. At the MCM Museum, there are exhibitions about the history of ceramics in the area.


The Physical Education and Sports Service organises and coordinates the physical activities and sports practised at Universitat de València:
-Sports competitions
Internal competition in individual and team sports, with members from all the university community, and with a leisure component.
Federated sport and inter-university competitions including the Valencian universities and neighbouring ones.
-Sports that can be practised at Universitat:

Football, indoor football, football-7, basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby, judo, karate, taekwondo, kendo, tennis, table tennis, badminton, fencing, squash, frontenis, chess, female baseball, hockey, athletics, triathlon, and orienteering.

– Leisure activities at University of Valencia
Among others, thee Physical Education Service offers: aerobics, contemporary dance, jazz, dance, belly dancing, Spanish dancing, Sevillanas dancing, yoga, Tai Chi, massaging, martial arts, tennis, table tennis, canoeing, ballroom dancing, Latin dancing, etc.

Through the Information and Constumer Services for Students (SEDI), University of Valencia promotes the students’ cultural and social participation in university. SEDI’s goal is to favour and foster associations and voluntary work. To that end, it gives advice and supports the creation and management of student associations and groups and also advises on student participation in associations on a voluntary basis.

This scheme fosters the knowledge of Universitat as a space for cultural participation by organising numerous events aimed at disseminating information on the activities and cultural facilities of Universitat. A cultural and socio-cultural activity week is organised to introduce students to university life and promote student participation in the extra-academic activities programmed by Universitat de Valencia. lt is organised at the end of October by the Students Delegation, through CADE. lt is indeed a good opportunity to meet other students and enjoy university life.

Different cultural initiatives are developed:
– Public Art I Public University: art exhibition for young artists. Call for new art projects of an ephemeral nature, to be exhibited at the Tarongers campus during the Welcome Week. The pieces must include interactions with the university setting.
– Bancaixa-University of Valencia Writing Awards: competition addressed to university students under 30 years of age from the Valencian universities. The competition modalities include poetry, short stories, theatre, or short film scripts.
– Drama induction courses: this proposal aims to boost theatre in university and to encourage the creation of Universitat de València theatre groups.
– Open classroom of Creative Writing: together with the College of Languages, Translation and Communication, and the Drama and Poetry Clubs of the Department for Culture, SEDI offers workshops aimed at gaining experience and skills in literary and creative writing (poetry, short stories and theatre).

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