Here you have a wide range of additional resources that may be useful for students interested in learning Catalan language and culture:

· XarxaMOOC. Introduction to language for special purposes in the Catalan speaking universities. A course in MOOC to make contact with the basic terminology of the major disciplines, and some specialists and educational material of these disciplines in Catalan. XarxaMOOC is a course of the Vives Network and unveils the institution and the member universities, as well as the institutions that collaborate with them. All videos are subtitled, mostly in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian..

· Intercat is a collection of electronic resources for learning Catalan language and culture, it has been specially designed for mobility students who visit Catalan universities.We must underlined the sections Em relaciono (explanatory video), which presents a selection of resources and tips to communicate orally and activities to practise the speaking, and the section Aprenc català, which presents a series of courses, guides and activities to learn Catalan. Also are remarkable the Guies de conversa (Speaking Guides) and the Catalan basic course Speakcat, set in a university context, with exercises and activities that reveal the basic grammar and vocabulary of the language.

· Falsos Amics (False friends). An app that works with six languages (Catalan, Spanish, French, Portuguese , Italian and Romanian) and presents and exemplifies fifty pairs of false friends in each of the possible combinations.

· is a virtual learning environment that offer materials for learning Catalan (explanatory video).

· El Valencian Self-Access Centre at the University of Alicante offers two tools to enhance your Catalan: Valencian basic exercises and worksheets (explanatory video).

· FONET, phonetics practices, is a program for independent learning in Catalan phonetics you can find on CD. To use the program you need headphones with microphone.

· Els sons del català (The sounds of Catalan), created by the University of Barcelona shows a table with all the sounds and the description of the corresponding articulatory features.

· SAÓ: system that helps the reading aloud. It is a web application that write texts to indicate the correct pronunciation of difficult words

(explanatory video of the three resources)

For advanced students, they may be interested in these two courses:

· Valencian Preparation level C1 course. Course with theory and exercises videos (explanatory video).

· Valencian Preparation level C2 course. Course with theory and exercises videos (explanatory video).