Abat Oliba CEU University in Barcelona is one of three universities promoted by Fundación San Pablo CEU, under the inspiration of the Association of Catholic propagandists. For this reason, and since its foundation, the aspiration of our university and the obstination of those who are part of it is the creation of a community college in the full sense of the word: a  knowledge communitycapable of providing society with professionals of academic excellence involved in the realization of the common good and the pursuit of truth.

Universities are living times of change and they need to adapt its planning and resources to the demands of the European Higher Education Area. This challenge has been taken by Abat Oliba CEU University, since its creation in 2004. Abat Oliba CEU wanted to advance in their curricula some aspects that should necessarily be incorporated with the introduction of new degrees since the beginning. The permanent connection between professor and student through the network, working systems and continuous assessment and implementation of innovative teaching methodologies have been for years, our daily work.

This has not been an obstacle to underline our efforts in the instruments that characterize the CEU academic institutions. We wanted to provide tutoring to students own criteria as tools for academic guidance and a study in depth in a global sense. Teachers have been developping its work in our research institutes and chairs or in collaboration with other Spanish or foreign universities.

Our University, however, is prepared for social demands regarding new professionals. The Labor Observatory performs regular studies about the changes in this field. For this reason, our students have the opportunity to make their practices in businesses, offices and most prestigious institutions in Barcelona. At an international level thanks to conventions with our university, they can do part of their studies at other European or American universities.

Abat Oliba CEU University doesn’t merely present an excellent academic offer, but it also provides students the invaluable opportunity to receive comprehensive training to deal with their own criteria and solid personal and professional challenges.

Abat Oliba CEU University

Tel.: 93 254 09 00
Fax.: 93 418 93 80
Email: info@uao.es

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