Commitment to knowledge and innovation

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is a Campus of International Excellence. Its 263 hectares, located in Bellaterra (Cerdanyola), in a setting of great natural beauty, organized and comfortable, are prepared for university life with all kinds of services and a variety of cultural offerings. It’s integrated, in addition, in a pole of industrial and technological development in the Mediterranean Europe, very well connected to the city center by public transport.

The AUB is a university leader among the top 200 universities worldwide, according to the QS World University Ranking 2010. It has strong research centers that attract students and teachers worldwide. A university opened to people in all disciplines with a vibrant multicultural and international spirit university community.

At the AUB over 3,600 teachers teach a group of about 40,000 graduate and masters students. It is a quality teaching in the social, humanistic, scientific, technological and health, made to 14 colleges and schools. Indeed, this multidisciplinary campus is one of its engines of excellence. Teaching quality translates into a rate of employment ranging between 90% and 100% in almost all studies, and remains in doctoral programs, 47 of which have Quality Award.

More than 40% of graduate students and a high percentage of teachers come from abroad, from PhD researchers to professors. This diversity of backgrounds enriches the academic, cultural and research community at AUB. In the same place, there are faculties and schools, research centers, housing for students and researchers the necessary services for the entire university community. The AUB offers a wide cultural and sports range available to all its members. The campus is a true knowledge city which accommodates more than forty thousand people.

The location of major campus research centers ensures a constant transfer of experiences and knowledge among students, professors and researchers. With a Research Park on campus, AUB researchers work in fields as diverse as high energy physics, Agrigenomics, biomedical, sociological studies, environment, communication, humanistic studies, food technology and research space, among others.

The recognition of Campus of International Excellence confirms its commitment to public university with an international focus on knowledge and innovation.

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Tel. 93 581 11 11
Fax: 93 581 25 95

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