The International University of Catalonia, a university open to the world and linked to the companies

The International University of Catalonia (IUC) is a private institution founded in 1997, which was created to serve the society through customized training, linked to business and a strong international character. Currently it has 350 faculty staff, about 4,500 students and provides 16 degrees on its two campuses, located in Barcelona and Sant Cugat del Vallès.

The IUC proposed from the beginning a teaching model based on academic excellence, characterized by teaching classes in small groups to offer personalized instruction and practice that maximizes the skills, as required by the new European higher education space.

As its name suggests, the faculty of the IUC project is international, so you can focus the student’s career on a global stage. Also, the academic offerings of the IUC increasingly include parallel courses and programs taught entirely in English, as is the case of studies in Business Administration, Master’s Degree in Cultural Management, Masters in Marriage and Family Education and Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture.

In addition to undergraduate degrees, the IUC offers a wide range of graduate programs in order to meet market demand, more and more segmented. The ultimate goal is to enable specialized training and quality for a professional audience.

The strong relationship with the world of business and technological advances are also adding value to the university, very much in degrees as Architecture and Dentistry, which has students from our country and abroad, thanks to the lure of Barcelona that represents a clear claim for the student.

The IUC is committed to quality teaching. In short, the main mission is to train good professionals prepared for the workforce in a global environment, professional integrity, ability and with a multidisciplinary background that contributes to a more just and united world.

International University of Catalonia / UICbarcelona / UICbarcelona

Barcelona Campus
Alpha and Beta buildings: Immaculate 22. 08017 Barcelona. Tel: 93 254 18 00
Delta and Gamma buildings: Terre, 11-19. 08017 Barcelona. Tel: 93 254 18 00

Sant Cugat Campus
Josep Trueta, s / n. 08195 Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona). Tel: 93 504 20 00

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