The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) is a private institution that is committed to educating people on the basis of academic rigour, university life and enriching life experiences. Christian humanism is the inspiration behind its search for the truth and desire to fully develop each individual project.

UIC Barcelona is a prestigious university and home to over 7,000 students. It offers 15 bachelor’s degree programmes, 26 international double degrees and a wide range of master’s, postgraduate and continuing education courses in many different areas of knowledge.

Individual attention, a comprehensive approach to each student, small class sizes, an accessible and approachable teaching staff, continuous links to the professional world and innovative research and teaching methods. That is our commitment at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

UIC Barcelona is connected to society and to companies. The classes are highly practical. They are taught by teachers who are also active professionals and reinforced by a work placement programme. At present it has more than 3,000 job placement agreements, 13 chairs and 4 sponsored classrooms.

In addition to promoting knowledge, research and the transfer of knowledge, UIC Barcelona invests time and effort in learning with the goal of changing the world. This ambition is present in all of the people and activities at the university.

Barcelona Campus
Alpha and Beta buildings: Immaculate 22. 08017 Barcelona. Tel: 93 254 18 00
Delta and Gamma buildings: Terre, 11-19. 08017 Barcelona. Tel: 93 254 18 00

Sant Cugat Campus
Josep Trueta, s / n. 08195 Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona). Tel: 93 504 20 00

International University of Catalonia

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