The Open University of Catalonia (OUC) is a leading online university with a dynamic and flexible educational model that fits the evolution of the Internet and the Knowledge society. In this sense, this model ensures that students learn in a similar way to how they work, communicate and move in the network. Therefore, one of its added value is that it guarantees the digital skills of students. It is a model that goes around the design of spaces, dynamics and resources that favour learning. Students and their learning activity are the focus of training activities.

Currently, more than 56,700 people are studying some of the training options offered by the Open University: degrees, masters degrees, postgraduate, master, PhD, etc.

Educational model focused on learning
The OUC’s educational model has as main feature the fact of having as centre the students learning activity, which clearly places the model within the guidelines of the EHEA and ensures the flexibility that the wide range of educational needs of the OUC demands. Around the learning activity go, then, the three other major elements in this model –collaboration, resources and accompaniment– which are specified and dimensioned at a time according to the characteristics of this learning activity.

The teaching materials, flexible and mobile
To encourage and make easier the student’s task, the OUC creates its own materials for all subjects, adapting them to market devices that are becoming common among students (iPad, mobile phones or digital books) or creating software and tools targeted to learning. This year 60% of materials are already adapted to mobile devices.

At present there are seven different areas of knowledge that are responsible for different programs and courses taught and gather professors at the OUC: Information Sciences and Communication; Law and Political Science; Arts and Humanities; Psychology and Educational Sciences; Economics and Business; Computers, Multimedia and Telecommunications, and Health Sciences.

The International Graduate Institute (IGI)
The IGI includes the OUC training of postgraduate and Lifelong learning education. Currently, over 150 postgraduate and master’s degrees are taught.

OUC Alumni, the community of graduates
Since the OUC was born, now sixteen years ago, 27,781 students have graduated in our university. All of them are alumni network, a forum for personal and professional enrichment and for an open, flexible and permanent lifelong learning.

Open University of Catalonia
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