On 18 June 1990, the Parliament gave green light to the creation of a new public university in Catalonia, Pompeu Fabra University, inspired by the principles of liberty, democracy, justice, equality, independence and plurality.

PFU is committed to the values of public institution, an urban university that is immersed in the movement and dynamism of the city and a university open to the world. Public, urban and cosmopolitan, these are the values that identify the service as an institution of society.

The first classes were taught at PFU in October 1990 in Balmes building, site of the old Forum Verges. There were over three hundred students of the new degrees in Law and Economics. Today, nine thousand students study at PFU and this university teaches undergraduate courses in all fields: from the experimental sciences and health and life to the human and social sciences and technical studies.

Its main objectives are focused to make students become responsible citizens and professionals committed to the values of civility and help develop research, technology transfer and innovation as engines of social progress in the twenty-first century. Continuous innovation and improvement in teaching and technology, good academic performance of students, the high employability of graduates, the high level of internationalization and proper positioning of the University in the field of research are only some aspects that contribute to the prestige that the institution has been hoarding in his twenty-year history.

The University articulates its teaching and research around three campuses and three domains of knowledge: social sciences and humanities (campus de la Ciutadella), science and information technology and communication (campus de Poblenou) and biomedical sciences (Campus del Mar). In the educational field, PFU has understood from the outset the new European area as a great opportunity to reform their educational offerings, and anticipating the Catalan public system, from 2009-2010, has already adapted to all degrees the European Higher Education Area. Furthermore, in order to promote the internationalization of research, the University is committed to the creation of three parks in three areas of knowledge: the Research Park in Social Sciences and Humanities, the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park and the Barcelona Media Park.

Pompeu Fabra University

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