Ramon Llull University (RLU) is a non-profit humanist and Christian inspired private university that promotes a public service. The main objective of RLU is to provide quality training, focusing on students, and to meet the needs of society.

With an own methodology prepares future professionals by promoting an integraleducation in every field of knowledge and encouraging the mastery of new technologies. It currently offers 32 degrees, 47 masters, 13 doctoral degrees and 122 own studies.

A federation of academic institutions
RLU was created on 1 March 1990. It comprises establishments of prestige and a long tradition in higher education. Its federal structure enhances the personality of its centers and allows for maximum flexibility and adaptability.

RLU has been approved by the Parliament of Catalonia in 1991. Its founders centers, with long tradition in Catalonia, were IQS, Blanquerna Foundation, La Salle Engineering and Architecture and the Faculty of Philosophy. In his twenty years of existence, RLU has integrated other federal institutions like ESADE, Ebre Observatory, School of Social Work and Social Education Pere Tarrés, University Institute of Mental Health Vidal i Barraquer, Borja Institute of Bioethics and the School of Design ESDI.

Location of schools

RLU has a total of 7 faculties, 5 superior colleges, 2 university colleges, 3 university institutes. These centers are located primarily in Barcelona, except the seat of ESADE which is located in Sant Cugat del Valles, University Institut Observatory Ebre Roquetas (Tarragona) and the School of Design in Sabadell.


Currently, there are 58 research groups working in RLU in three major areas: Technology (biosciences, engineering and ICT), Management (internationalization and business innovation, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, Business and Technology Management) and Social and Human Sciences (psychology, pedagogy, education and social work, law, philosophy, communication, media and advertising). Also note the existence of several units that work to transfer knowledge and technology to the productive sector such as research results of scientific and technological parks,  Technova La Salle and Creapole ESADE.


The internationalization of the university is a strategic issue. In this context it should be noted that RLU has signed agreements with more than 380 universities worldwide and 200 agreements with international companies. 350 international companies recruit our graduates to work abroad, which makes that they are now in over 100 countries.

Ramon Llull University
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Email: info@url.edu

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