The Technical University of Valencia (UPV) is a public dynamic and innovative institution dedicated to research and teaching, which, while maintaining strong ties with its social environment, opts for a strong presence abroad. Its history goes back forty years, in the course of the 1968-1969, when the Technical Institute of Valencia was created, although some of its centers have more than a century of existence.

At present, it consists of nine technical colleges, two colleges and two higher polytechnics colleges, located in its three campuses- inVera,Valencia; Alcoy and Gandia-, where 33 degrees, 55 master’s degrees and 28 doctoral programs, which meet stringent quality systems, are taught. It is the only technical Spanish university among the best in the world, according to university ranking prepared by the Jiao Tong University, in Shanghai.

Its research capacity is one of the pillars of the social recognition of the UPV. In recent years, it has become the first university in Spain in volume of patents. The UPV has also received the seal of the International Campus of Excellence in Project VLC / CAMPUS, the only valencian project that has received this recognition from the Ministry of Education. One of its biggest projects is the Ciutat Politècnica de la Innovació, a science park which covers an area of ??140,000 m² and includes nearly 1,600 researchers.

For several decades, has a significant international presence. It is leader in students mobility, with nearly 400 agreements signed with other higher education institutions worldwide, and receives more than 2,300 students per year, while it sends 1,800 students to 50 destinations.

The Technical University of Valencia assumes that the first occupation of its graduates is part of its responsibility. That’s why it powers the stays in companies of their students. In fact, 89.9% of its graduates find a job before the first six months after ending their studies.

The UPV is also characterized by its environmental commitment, in becoming the first Spanish university and one of the major European academic institutions to have been granted the European EMAS certificate. In addition, it has all kinds of resources: the largest computer network of Spanish universities, the best ratio of computers per student, wireless network in all campus, ecologic buildings, more than 108,000 square meters of green areas …

It has a wide range of cultural activities such as festivals, exhibitions, concerts, theater, outdoor sculpture campus or the Artistic Heritage Fund. In addition, the Technical University of Valencia is a landmark in the field of university sport. It has extraordinary sports facilities where students can practice more than 75 different specialties.

Polytechnic University of Valencia

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