The University of Alicante is part of the public university system in the Valencian Community. Since it was founded in 1979, it is committed to the development of the province of Alicante in which coordinates eight headquarters where it develops educational and cultural activities throughout the year.
The University of Alicante is defined as a public, dynamic and innovative institution, with international projection and a reference campus. Its mission is to give a complete training to its students and the commitment to the advance and improvement of society through the creation and transmission of knowledge.

Students are its reason to be, about 30,000 each year for two thousand teachers engaged to provide them a high level of participation and motivation in their learning process.
The University of Alicante offers thirty-seven degrees and two titles of simultaneous studies, adapted to the European Higher Education Area. Moreover, it has launched the European PostGraduate, with an offer of twenty-one official masters.
Fifty-nine departments and fifteen university institutes engaged in basic and applied research have got a well deserved reputation nationally and internationally in R & D. There are research agreements maintained with nearly two thousand companies and a policy of technological development related to business is promoted. In this line, two technology companies have been recently created, whose object of business is based on knowledge, technology and innovation. In recent years, there have been registered nearly a hundred patents. This position allows developing the Parc Científic d’Alacant, a place where companies and researchers share quality logistic and scientific services.
The University of Alicante is the main production centre of culture in the province and organizes a variety of cultural and sports activities. It has a contemporary arts museum in the campus (MUA, which guards interesting artistic background) and a full sports pavilion where college athletes are incentivized.
The University of Alicante cares to make normal university life easier for disabled people. An adapted vehicle collects disabled students at home to move them every day to campus.
The University of Alicante maintains very close relations with over one hundred higher education institutions worldwide and more than a thousand foreign students come to our campus each year. Mobility and practices in national and international companies allow the permanence of our students abroad. Over five hundred students each year leave Alicante for Europe and other countries in international programs.

University of Alicante

Tel.: 965 903 400

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