The University of Barcelona (UB), as an institution closely linked to the history of  Barcelona and Catalonia, contributes to the creation, transmission and dissemination of culture and scientifical, technical and professional knowledge, and encourages both critical thinking and culture of freedom and pluralism.

The nineteen schools and colleges in charge of organizing the courses, the over one hundred departments coordinate teaching in one or more courses and the university research institutes constitute the basic structure of the organization of the UB. It is the first and only general university in Spain which has two campuses of international excellence: the Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC) and Universitat de Barcelona Campus Health (HUBc). To speed up the connection between university and society, the UB boosts University of Barcelona Group (UB Group), comprising organizations that aim to complement and enhance the activities and results in several areas of the UB .

The UB is a prestigious institution, leader in scientific productivity in Spain, recognized by both the high quality research and teaching and the broad and multidisciplinary training adapted to current social and professional needs. It is a point of reference of academic institutions in southern Europe and the Mediterranean arc, combining the best historic and university tradition with being an innovative and excellence institution in the field of teaching. It is a urban university, open and cosmopolitan, like the city, and acts as a dynamic urban fabric of the cultural environment in its broadest sense.

Solid values, responsibility and professionalism is what UB offers to all students who choose joining the university community. A community with its rich diversity, which supports live and dynamic nature of the institution.

University of Barcelona
Tel.: 934 021 100
Fax: 934 035 357

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