The University of Girona (UoG) searches for excellence in teaching and research and participates in the progress and development of society through the creation, transmission, distribution and critical science, technology, humanities, social sciences and arts. It is precisely this variety of interests and fields of knowledge one of the most remarkable features of the University of Girona, which calls all the time for dialogue between disciplines as diverse as a result of the recent history of the University guideline essential educational and research effort.

The University of Girona is presented as an homogeneous whole in which the relationship between teachers and students is fast, direct and personal, with  old civil and religious buildings restored as centers and new university campuses integrated around green spaces.


• The University of Girona is a multidisciplinary university that teaches courses in the fields of humanities, social sciences, education and tourism, science, health and technology.

• The UoG has made a strategic commitment in the field of health, which today offers high quality professional studies in the fields of nursing, physiotherapy and psychology, in addition to medical studies.

• Apart from studies by tradition or innovation, research and scientific dissemination have an important role in the university environment, and its social focus in the areas of environmental resources, computer simulation and computer applications, biomedicine, quality of life and cultural heritage.

• The Campus Barri Vell in the heart of the city, specializes in studies of culture and communication: studies in the humanities, strongly rooted in the academic tradition with a more solid, modern and innovative approach; studies of tourism in which UoG is leading the state; and studies of science education, with a strong internal dynamic and high profile in society. Includes the Campus of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Sciences and the School of Engineering Sciences.

• The UoG has 116 research groups, related with 22 departments and several research institutes.

• The University of Girona Scientific and Technological Park  brings the university to companies and society, putting into contact the productive sector with researchers, who can transfer their knowledge and carry out innovative tasks. For its uniqueness and recognition in the field of research, the Institut Català de Recerca de l’Aigua (ICRA), l’Institut Català de Recerca de Patrimoni Cultural (ICRPC), el Centre de Recerca en Visualització, Realitat Virtual i Interacció Gràfica (VIRGVIG), el Centre de Noves Tecnologies i Processos Alimentaris (CENTA) and the Institut d’Investigació Biomèdica de Girona (IdiBGi) stand out.

University of Girona

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