The University of Lleida (UoL) combines a long and fruitful university tradition with a young and dynamic structure that supports training and research quality, teaching methods and some advanced internationalization.

It is currently one of the best universities in the state, the first Spanish public university in teaching quality, according to the Knowledge and Development Foundation 2008 report and fifth in terms of the impact of its research in the list prepared Scimago.

Recently honored with the Campus of International Excellence for Iberus project shared with the universities of Zaragoza, La Rioja and Navarra Public, whose mission is the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge.

Thanks to its production environment, the UoL enjoys a significant position on agronomic and forestry studies, but also on other disciplines. This allows the University of Lleida to provide training to undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals wishing to hone their skills in the five branches of knowledge: arts and humanities, sciences, health sciences, social and legal sciences, and engineering and architecture. We conducted face to face, blended and virtual spaces through the modern university campus spaces, virtual campus SAKAI and the last Wi-Fi technology. The Library and Information Service, with ANECA quality certificate and the Resource Center for Learning and Research make available to the university community an extensive catalogue of brochures, magazines and resources to supplement support teaching and research.

The UoL is characterized by its innovative training offer focused on achieving the objectives of the European Higher Education Area. An upcoming training and the human dimensions of the university let students be the main characters, with an extensive program of scholarships and grants.

In addition, the University of Lleida contributes to the spread, the quality and diversity of cultural offerings in the country, generating high value activities.

We should also mention the increasingly important associative movement that embraces the Council of Students and cultural, artistic, caring, leisure and sports university associations. The UoL is a university with the highest representation of students on governing bodies.
It is also important the existence of research groups from different areas with international recognition. The Ring Research UoL aims to boost its visibility and improve the mechanisms to support research and knowledge transfer. The Ring encompasses various research institutes of the UoL and the Scientific and Agroalimentary Technology Park of Lleida, fundamental structure of Lleida in the Euroregion.

University of Lleida
Tel.: 902 507 205

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