The University of Sassari is located at the north of the island of Sardinia, in Sassari, near the town of Alghero, whose inhabitants still retain the Catalan language of their ancestors. The island of Sardinia was conquered by James II of Aragon between 1323 and 1326 and was part of the Crown of Aragon until 1516 when itjoined the Spanish Habsburg dynasty. This historical, linguistic and cultural relationship between the island of Sardinia and the crown of Aragon has now moved through the participation of the University of Sassari in the Vives University Network.

The origins of the University date from 1558 with the establishment of a religious school in the city, but it was not until 1617 when King Philip III gave the University status. At first studies of Philosophy and Arts, Theology, Law and Medicine were set up and afterwards studies were extended to other fields. In 2012, the University will commemorate 450 years of history. It is therefore one of the oldest Italian universities there.

Currently, the University of Sassari has its main buildings in the city of Sassari but counts on other secondary buildings in the cities of Alghero, Olbia, Nuoro and Oristano.

It offers a wide range of studies that include present and distance learning in the fields of Humanities and Applied Sciences. It has 11 faculties: Agriculture, Architecture, Arts (Literary Studies and Philosophy), Economics, Foreign Languages ??and Literature, Law, Mathematics, Physics and Nature of Science, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Political Science and Veterinary Medicine. The University of Sassari combines traditional teaching methods with current e-learning and open source platform (virtual classroom).

11 faculties
25 departments
24 libraries
19,000 students
760 teachers

Sport at the University of Sassari

The university sports association (CUS Sassari ASD) is part of the national sports university network. Over the past 50 years, C.U.S. has been the great promoter of sports activities among our students, both amateur and professional.

The main sports center is located at the Sant Giovanni, some kilometers outside the city of Sassari. It has basketball courts, football, handball, tennis, etc.

Open to all university staff.

University of Sassari

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