The University of Vic is a public university with private management. Balmes University Foundation (BUF) is the head entity and the representatives of local and national administrations make up two thirds of its Board. It has signed a contract program with the Government of Catalonia, and participates in the public university enrollment system and in public programs of scholarships.


The academic model of UVic is based on the training of the students in small groups. This allows individualized attention that facilitates the personal and professional development of the students.

Socio-professional insertion

The UVic gives a practical approach to its teaching methods, it remains open and fluid to the changing needs of society, and takes an active position to ensure full and successful graduates employability.

Multilingual Education

The multilingual training is for the UVic an emphasizing point for both the increased mobility of university students and professionals, and because the study of languages and cultures are an excellent vehicle for the humanistic education of nowadays. All undergraduate courses have a certain number of credits in English for professional uses.


The universal scope of scientific and training at the UVic starts from the reality of the Catalan language, Catalan is the outward and common sign of identity -Europe as a unit of higher identity. The UVic considers as essential international exchange programs and internships abroad.

Teaching innovation

The UVic has the Center for Innovation and Training in Education (CITE) to promote continuous teacher training, tutorial plans and development of innovation to improve teaching quality.

Commitment to the territory

The UVic is a local university, committed to economic and social development of the territory and the country, through its teaching, research and knowledge transfer, and with a clear European and international will.

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