Main results, conclusions and proposals. Via Universitària: access, learning conditions, expectations and returns for university studies (2020-2022)


Via Universitaria 2020-2022_EN
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Via Universitària is a study whose goal is to find out the profile of university students, the conditions in which they study, and their level of satisfaction with the university and teaching.

The third edition of the Via Universtària program was developed between 2020 and 2021 and is based on the responses almost 50,000 students from 20 universities in the Xarxa Vives network.

Now, this third edition took place in a unique context given that it covers the first semester of the 20-21 school year when university business was very much conditioned by pandemic-related health restrictions. The report thus contains invaluable information since it directly reflects student experiences and perceptions arising from the emergency that was the COVID-19 pandemic

The research presented by Via Universitària is a good example of institutional partnerships used to achieve common goals, which in this edition included the valuable contributions of the Catalan University System Quality Agency, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education of Andorra, the Valencian Evaluation and Prospective Agency (AVAP) and the Ministry of Research and Universities within the Catalan Government.

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